Mirror Valley is the creation of writer, director, actor, and animator, Luke Hill.

As the pandemic began to take hold in the spring of 2020, Luke found himself without his regular work as an actor and acting coach. With nothing but time on his hands and a desire to find a way to tell stories without the large amounts of people and resources traditional productions require, Luke turned his attention to animation and decided to learn how to tell his own stories from home by himself.

The result is Mirror Valley – a YouTube entertainment channel dedicated to exploring strange and unusual animated stories.

A message from Luke:

“It’s my hope that Mirror Valley will serve not only as a source of entertaining videos and shows, but as an inspiration for all creators struggling to overcome the practical and financial obstacles that keep them from getting their own projects off of the ground. Mirror Valley is my attempt to use all of the amazing tools and technology we have at our disposal to overcome some of the typical obstacles independent creators face and realize my own stories on the screen – replacing the need for large crews and tons of money with innovative technology, creativity, and hard work. I hope you enjoy it.”

Mirror Valley is written, produced, directed, performed, and animated by Luke Hill.

When Luke isn’t working on Mirror Valley, he is an acting teacher and coach, filmmaker, writer, actor, and musician.

To learn more, visit Luke Hill’s website.