Month: February 2022

NEW EPISODE: Twisted Reflections – The Fortune Teller

Loneliness.  It is an affliction suffered by many, but in this modern world, those who are affected find it increasingly difficult to break free, to find the safety and companionship that we all desire. Tonight we find out what happens when one man’s need for connection leads him to contemplate some potentially drastic measures. Watch the latest episode here: Enjoy this video? You’ll love our newsletter.

NEW EPISODE: Picture Book – Retreat

There appears to be a new story in my book. Join me, won’t you? Bill had been riding the train to work every morning for more than ten years, and this morning was no different. After too little sleep, an alarm that went off too early, breakfast across the table from a disinterested wife that was too eager to rush him out of the house, a walk to the train station that was much too long, and a train that, …

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